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Here at WeDesign UK our experienced team of AMAZING professionals cover every aspect of web development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Drone Photography and Roadside Advertising. Founded in 2012, through hard work and dedication we have established ourselves as one of the leading design agencies in Gravesend & Dartford and have a proven track record in the design industry which we feel is reflected in our extensive portfolio.


We have worked with way over 150+ clients on a wide range of projects which has given us the experience in the web design and graphic design industry. We are fully aware that every client is different and we pride ourselves on being able to tailor each project to their particular needs and ensuring that the project is delivered to the highest standards and within the given timescale.

So whether it be an inspirational website design you require, a re-brand of your company, or an increase in visitors to your website, WeDesign UK can deliver and come up with a plan to suit your requirements.

When it comes to web design we feel the team we have assembled at WeDesign UK are up there with the best and are a prominent name when it comes to web design Gravesend, something we are very proud of and are continually looking to improve on.


Although we tailor everything to our clients needs, this is a guide to the works and planning that goes in to all of our development projects.

Website Planning

1. Create an outline of the site content
2. Create functional flow chart
3. Document programmatic flow
4. Gather general information including samples, style guides, images and graphic files
5. Gather or begin writing content
6. Create ‘wireframe’ layouts of key pages showing the position of content and graphics on pages

Website Design

2.1 Create color layouts based on approved ‘wireframe’ layouts
2.2 Shoot photography or research stock photography
2.3 Develop graphics
2.4 Create style guide of colours and fonts for site development

Website Development

3.1 Develop style sheets
3.2 Develop Web page templates
3.3 Programming